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We Are a Luxury Outdoor Furniture
Manufacturer In Pune, India.

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Sitoro, a renowned maker of high-end outdoor furniture in India and around India, turns outdoor areas into stylish and comfortable breaks. Our custom selection of outdoor patio furniture, balcony furniture, and garden furniture In India, which is created for the utmost in outdoor living pleasure, combines classic and modern designs. Being the forerunners in the field, we guarantee a classic design that exudes both style and comfort in outdoor furniture. Whether it's Wicker or Rattan furniture, our dedication to quality is clear. Select SITORO to enjoy an enhanced outdoor living environment where beauty and durability combine to create a luxurious haven in any outdoor area.

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Discover the extensive collection of outdoor furniture In Pune available at Sitoro, which includes sunbeds, swing chairs, garden chairs, loungers, tables, and chairs. Our classic and contemporary designs simply fit into any outdoor setting. They come in a variety of colors and styles. We provide high-quality solutions, such as wicker and rattan furniture, from trusted outdoor furniture suppliers, guaranteeing the perfect combination of comfort and design for your outdoor lifestyle.

With Sitoro, the best supplier of outdoor garden furniture in India, you may experience the height of outdoor beauty. Our range of well-built patio furniture In India, balcony furniture In India, and garden furniture In India has outstanding craftsmanship and fine workmanship. Our Rattan Furniture In India is weather-resistant due to a variety of treatments such as paint, powder coating, and natural oil. With stylish and long-lasting wicker, Patio furniture from Sitoro, you can completely change your outdoor areas.






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Balcony Furniture
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Outdoor Furniture: As the biggest As Pune's premier outdoor furniture manufacturer in India, we are aware of the particular requirements and tastes of the area. Discover furniture that has been specially created to bring Pune's outdoor areas to life.

Patio Furniture: With our amazing selection of patio sets, dining tables, lounge seats, and couches, you can create a chic and welcoming outdoor party place.

Balcony Furniture: With our attractive and compact furniture sets, you can turn your balcony into a lovely escape that's ideal for small get-togethers or solo relaxation.

Garden Furniture: Loving nature's enjoy with our handmade garden Furniture, swings, hammocks, and sun loungers will let you enjoy the tranquility of your garden.

Rattan Furniture: Our finely woven chairs, tables, and Sofa let you enjoy the classic style and unmatched beauty of rattan.

Wicker Furniture: With our sturdy and adaptable wicker furniture sets, you can add an element of natural attract to your outdoor area.

Patio Furniture
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Our Vision

Sitoro wants to become a recognized expert in producing unique, long-lasting Cane furniture In India. Besides providing beautiful products, our Vision is to improve lives by promoting environmental initiatives and keeping traditional workmanship. We are a reputable outdoor furniture manufacturer in India and Deliver in India, known for raising the bar in terms of design, dependability, and environmental responsibility.

Our Mission

The mission of Sitoro is to redefine the outdoors with high-quality, long-lasting, and visually beautiful furniture. With a focus on providing customers with the best possible experience through high-quality Furniture and first-rate service, we specialize in outdoor furniture In India, patio furniture In India, balcony furniture In India, and garden furniture In India. We want to be more than just outdoor furniture suppliers, we want to be the best at making unique, durable, and excellent Cane furniture In India, Sitoro has dedicated itself to preserving traditional craftsmanship, supporting conservation efforts, and setting the standard for design, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

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Sumit Katariya, Delhi

Sitoro team was very helpful and sorted me out with a very nice set of outdoor furniture! My patio looks Adorable with these new chairs and table and The shipping was really fast. Great products, great selection and great service, well done to the Sitoro team!
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